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Whitewater Aviation was recently highlighted in the TN Dept of State's News Magazine as the Polk County business of the month. Click HERE to read.

Our current fuel price for 100LL is $5.39.
Whitewater Aviation is pleased to offer a special 20 cents per gallon discount to Shell Aviation credit card customers at the time of purchase!
Click HERE for printable application.

If you need to get into the area IFR, we have instrument approaches. (Go to Airnav.com, and for current weather at 1A3, click HERE )

We are now encouraging homebuilders to assemble their kits here! We have experienced A&P's available, weight and balance scales and a mechanical room for everything you need to build your own experimental or LSA! You can have your kit delivered here, build and fly it all in one location! With fuel prices like they are and LSA's getting 5GPH or better, it's the way a lot of folks can still afford to fly!
For example, the RV 12 is a LSA meaning no FAA physical is required, just a valid driver's license. The RV 12 complete kit sells for about $64k. Everything but fluids and paint!
Please let us know how we can help you get started!

Available now: For corporations or maintenance organizations, Whitewater Aviation has a 100' x 100' hangar available which includes offices, bathrooms and workshop
Please click on this link for more information.

We also have aircraft scales! (CG determination for home-built and certified aircraft modifications), please contact Bret for an appointment at
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About the owner::

Hans van Ovost
has over 30 years fixed base operation experience and also is a seasoned Part 135 operator. He started at Fort Pierce, Florida municipal airport when it was just another non-towered airport without facilities.  Through Hans' efforts, it has become St. Lucie County International Airport (FPR) with paint, upholstery, avionics, and maintenance shops.  It is now a major business and transportation hub which has brought new businesses to the local area and increased the revenue of St. Lucie county.

Bret Smith
supports 1A3 as the AOPA Airport Support Network (ASN) representative.
He is an avid supporter of EAA and has his own RV-9A builder's web page at:

About the area:

   A two hour drive north of Atlanta lies the Tennessee Overhill Country.
This mystical, mysterious place is older than the Cherokee.
    Distinctively different, the moon shines over some of the United States best white water rivers, crystalline lakes, deeply wooded forests and some of the warmest, most colorful Americans still breathing.
    So, what's your pleasure? Whitewater rafting? Zip Line? Biking? Camping?  Hiking?  Fishing? Hunting?  Horse back riding? Train tours in the mountains?
Check here for more details!
Glider flights! (Click here) OR
Helicopter Tours! (Click here)
Drive a tank! (Click here)

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To contact us:

Office Phone: 423-496-9465
Hans' Cell: 706-455-5623
Alan's Cell: 210-693-9344
FAX: 866-829-2146

Local Businesses and Things to Do!

971 Airport Road
Copperhill, TN 37317

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Hans van Ovost, President                             

Alan Frosch, Manager

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