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Hoping to get the runway lights project approved for increased use of the airport. We have pilots, instructor pilots and future businesses that need to use the airfield at night, especially during the fall and winter months of early sunsets and late sunrises. Flight training means night landings and hoping to draw in flight schools with students that will utilize the current motels, restaurants and tourism venues. With the new PAPI lights, landing on this field is even more precise.
Meeting with the Polk County board members that need to approve the project. Whitewater Aviation is ready to fund the local county share of the project which means no money out of the taxpayer's pockets! That would mean a win-win for Polk County.

We have  rental cars available on the field!
Reservations for Enterprise delivery, click HERE

We now have two rows of  T-hangars.
Larger T-Hangars capable of light twins are 44'w x 14'H x 38'D. $250 a month! (End hangar more)
We also have standard sized T-hangars, 42"W x 12"H x 32"D at $200/$250 a month! (End hangar more)
Contact Alan for availability and details 423-496-9465

A&P, Inspection Authorization on the Field!
Shane, owner of Flying Wolf Aviation. 706-490-4143
Click HERE for basic list of maintenance prices.

Dynamic propeller balancing! An RV-8A had just 16 hours on it and the prop was out of balance. Owner couldn't believe how smooth and quite it became after the balance!
We strive to maintain the lowest price on self-serve 100LL! Click on link to see latest price: AirNav

If you need to get into the area IFR, we have instrument approaches. Go to Airnav.com for documentation.
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We were highlighted in the TN Dept of State's News Magazine as the Polk County business of the month. Click HERE to read.

About the President:

   Hans van Ovost
has over 30 years fixed base operation experience and is a seasoned Part 135 operator.
   He started at Fort Pierce, Florida municipal airport when it was just another non-towered airport without facilities.     
  Through Hans' efforts, it has become St. Lucie County International Airport (FPR) with paint, upholstery, avionics, and maintenance shops. 
   It is now a major business and transportation hub which has brought new businesses to the local area and increased the revenue of St. Lucie County.
   His hopes are to do the same for Polk County through it's only general aviation airport.

About the area:

   A two hour drive north of Atlanta lies the Tennessee Overhill Country.
This mystical, mysterious place is older than the Cherokee.
    Distinctively different, the moon shines over some of the United States best white water rivers, crystalline lakes, deeply wooded forests and some of the warmest, most colorful Americans still breathing.

   So, what's your pleasure? Whitewater rafting? Zip Line? Biking? Camping?  Hiking?  Fishing? Hunting?  Horse back riding? Train tours in the mountains?
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To contact us:

Office Phone: 423-496-9465
FAX: 866-829-2146

Local Businesses and Things to Do!

Martin Campbell Field
971 Airport Road
Copperhill, TN 37317

Hangar Rentals

Alan Frosch,
Vice-President, Manager
Alan's Cell: 423-218-7681

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Hans van Ovost, President
Hans' Cell: 706-455-5623                           

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